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Please join me in congratulating my baby boy, Gymnast, on completing the requirements to graduate high school. (He is graduating a semester early by choice. It wasn’t our original plan but when all factors were considered, we decided this was the best move for him.) I thought I would take this opportunity to fill you in on his plan…

He has thrived in working almost full time since this summer when he turned 17. He worked while he was in Texas when he was staying with my parents and siblings. And then returned and found a new job here. The freedom of having his own income has been very empowering, isn’t it always!?!

Generosity has been very evident in how he spends his money. But he has also been very smart with a very focused approach to saving.

His goal for the next seven months is to save for a move to Texas. He is not sure what he will do once he gets there, but he knows that is where he wants to be. And has known that for a while. I 100% support his move.

Right now, he has no plans for school. He will have to find his path on his own. And we have talked extensively about what he will need to do if he does decide he wants to further his education – out of state tuition, direction and so much more. He’s got a good head on his shoulders, but other than location, he is not sure what is next.

Any guidance for how to launch a young person who doesn’t have a clear purpose or direction would be greatly appreciated!

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