Top Most Popular Hotel Booking Apps 2022 For You and Your Family

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The cheaper, we once booked a whole two-bedroom apartment instead of a small hotel room for our family of five people. It was really cool, but I have no personal connection related. Just a hotel booking app. To help you plan your next vacation more efficiently, it could be a useful tool to have. They’re really helpful and can help you find the same great deals on hotels.

best hotel apps to save money

List of Top Most Popular Hotel Booking Apps

Hotel booking apps have been a popular choice for travellers in the recent years. There are a number of reasons why people prefer these apps over traditional travel sites. We have compiled a list of top of hotel booking apps that will help you make reservations at the best hotels online.


Currently the most popular website for arranging hotels, offers a powerful, easy-to-use website that merits a position on your smartphone. There are so many possibilities available on this web, including lodgings in off-the-beaten-path locales throughout the world.

In countries where you don’t understand the language, makes it simple to see the address of your hotel in that language. It’s as simple as pointing at the location on the web to give a driver a direction.

You can easily view all of your previous, present, and future journeys on the interface. It also emphasizes any loyalty discounts you’re qualified for at places all around the world.

However, you are not limited to booking hotel rooms. Like Airbnb and Vrbo, the app searches for private holiday accommodations. It also displays the hotel’s or host’s cancellation policy, which includes the data set for free cancellation.

#2 Airbnb

When reserving a month in advance, Airbnb provided us with the finest private stay choice near the lake at a final cost of less than $200 per night, but there were much fewer search results available that suited our requirements, especially when booking only a week in advance. Because of the existing social isolation, homestays may be a more popular alternative than hostels.

Vrbo and Home To Go offered lower costs than Airbnb, but that didn’t stop us from using it. It was difficult to find a place to stay for less than $200 per night using services like Vrbo, which yielded about the same number of results but charged much higher additional fees. As we planned to stay in the most expensive districts, we found that the average cost of a hotel room was $300.

#3 Expedia

Expedia is the app to use if you appreciate earning travel points and want to see how much of a bargain you can get. It frequently has bargains that can only be found on the app. The app also offers double reward points for every booking made using it.

When it comes to finding a great place to stay, Expedia offers a multitude of hotel reviews from actual customers.

The Expedia app may also be used to book other Expedia services, including as flights, car rentals, tickets, and tour reservations. Mobile-only discounts of up to 30 percent are offered by Expedia on hotels, and the company claims that you may save an extra 43 percent if you book a hotel and flight together.

In addition, the application informs you of crucial travel information, such as airline delays, gate changes, and flight updates, before they become an issue.

You may also pay at the hotel rather than beforehand with Expedia’s buy-now, pay-later option for hotel discounts.


Including hundreds of thousands of hotels in more than 200 countries and territories, is a prominent online booking search engine.

The biggest bonus of using is that for every ten nights booked, you get a free night. However, in order to receive your free reward night, you must book using the app. There is a $5 fee for using the website.

Using the app, you can also keep track of your reward points and see how close you are to earning free nights.

#5 Priceline

The “name-your-own-price” function on Priceline is one of the company’s most recognizable features. Priceline discontinued the function in 2016 and replaced it with two new services, named Pricebreakers and Express Deals, which were introduced in the same year.

With Pricebreakers, you get a price quotation and three hotel names, and you may book without knowing which hotel you’ll be staying at. You receive a good bargain in return for some degree of freedom.

Dice-rolling is also a part of Express Deals. Besides the pricing, you’ll also get information on the hotel’s approximate location, star rating, and facilities, like the size of the beds. One of the hotels shown on a map is indeed the genuine thing.

You can typically figure out the hotel they’ve quoted you by doing little web sleuthing. The discount you get may still be worth it even if you can’t.

The main problem is that these programs do not offer free cancellations.

Alternatively, you can book hotels, flights, rental cars, and even cruises via Priceline for retail prices. It features bargains and promos that aren’t available on the hotel’s official website.

Priceline VIP, a new customer reward program, is also available through the website. Prices for over 15,000 properties on Priceline’s website are discounted by up to 50% if you’ve booked two visits with the company.

In order to become a VIP Gold member, a traveller must complete five trips. More than 45,000 discounted homes become available after 25 completed trips.

#6 HotelsCombined

A few aspects of HotelsCombined set it unique from the others. With so many images of possible hotels, it appeals to those who want to know precisely what they’re getting into before making a reservation at one of them.

If a hotel you’re interested in reduces in price by 10% or more, the app enables you sign up for an email alert to notify you. This function might help you obtain a fantastic price if you can plan ahead and acquire the hotel you want.

Additionally, HotelsCombined gives a price guarantee. You’ll get a refund if you find a better price elsewhere within 24 hours of making your booking with HotelsCombined.

It is also claimed that the programme can open “hidden offers” that are only available to its members. See how much money you can save by using it. If you find a better offer, you can always take advantage of their best-price guarantee.

#7 Travelocity

Everything you’d expect from the Travelocity app can be found in the app. You may save money by booking flights, hotels, and rental vehicles together. You may also explore and search for more activities while you’re on vacation.

Private holiday rentals like those found on Airbnb are also available through the app. This makes it possible to locate the most cost-effective lodging, regardless of the kind.

Most hotel reservations made via Travelocity have no cancellation fees. You may also narrow your search results to hotels that allow you to book and pay for your room at a later date.

Travelocity has its own price guarantee policy, which you can read about here. As an added bonus, you’ll receive a $50 voucher for your future reservation in addition to matching the lower deal. However, the booking window is only open for 24 hours.

Customers may expect prompt and courteous service in addition to the price guarantee provided by Travelocity’s website. This includes email, phone, chat, and social media platforms, which are all available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for customer care.

#8 HotelTonight

What if you’ve booked an Airbnb and it’s cancelled on the day of your arrival? Or what if you’ve missed your flight and now have to take a connection the next day? You may make a hotel reservation for the same night or up to seven days in advance using the HotelTonight app on your smartphone.

If you’re looking for a hotel room in a city that has a lot of unoccupied rooms, HotelTonight is a great option. Every day at noon, the app’s quick offers go online, and in certain places, there may be hundreds of hotel rooms at various price ranges from which to pick.

With the HT Perks reward programme, you may get even better prices the more loyalty points you accumulate. What’s more, you’ll never lose any of your loyalty points.

#9 One Night

For those who enjoy flying by the seat of their trousers when travelling, One Night is the app for you. Reservations may only be made after midday for the same night in a limited number of cities, with appealing discounts thrown in.

Once you reserve a night, you can extend your stay for up to a week.

When you choose a hotel, One Night provides you hour-by-hour recommendations for things to do in your destination city. This feature sets it apart from other late-night booking applications. Travel like a native using this app if you enjoy it.

best hotel apps to save money

#10 Marriott

6,700 hotels in 130 countries make up Marriott’s portfolio. That implies Marriott owns one in every fifteen hotel rooms in the globe. When using the Marriott app, you won’t have to worry about running out of somewhere to stay.

Upon booking, you may request upgrades and late checkouts directly from your mobile device. Hair dryers and additional towels are among the amenities that may be requested for your stay.

If you are a frequent guest at any of Marriott’s 30 hotel brands, sign up for the Bonvoy rewards programme and download this app on your phone. Allows you to attach a credit card and pay for meals directly, earning up to six points every dollar spent.

Additionally, Marriott Bonvoy alerts you to hotel deals across the world, allowing you to save money wherever you travel.

#10 IHG

IHG stands for InterContinental Hotels Group, a chain of more than 6,000 properties in more than 100 countries.

Booking travel directly with the company rather than a third-party site is encouraged through its app. You may save an average of 3% by booking directly via the company, which gives members access to an unique member-only pricing.

Using the app’s incentives and discounts, as well as a look at your points balance toward a free or reduced stay, are all available to you.

In addition to a user-friendly UI, the app has a travel tools area that includes neighbourhood guides and maps. Finally, if you have trouble sleeping at hotels because of the noise, you may use the white noise option.

#12 Hilton Honors

Hilton Honors members will like the much-lauded smartphone function that lets them select their precise room in advance.

Apps allow you to view a map of the hotel and select a specific room from a list. There are a number of reasons why this is so popular with visitors, including those who want to be close to a specific feature like as a pool or fitness centre, as well as those who want a high floor with a view.

Use your smartphone to open the door to your hotel room at select establishments with a digital key function included in the app. Finally, you may avoid waiting in line at the front desk by checking out of your room using the app at the conclusion of your stay.

The Hilton Honors app, in particular, helps you manage and maximize your Hilton rewards, locating unique discounts and maximizing your reward points.

#13 Hyatt

World of Hyatt is the name of the hotel chain’s smartphone app.

In the app, you may use Chromecast to stream your personal entertainment material to the TV in your room, open the door with your phone, and communicate with the hotel directly in real time during your stay. There is no need to make a stop at the front desk to check in.

As a member, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress toward prizes, take advantage of special deals, and review any points you’ve accrued from past Hyatt visits.

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