Top 10 Personal Finance Experts You Need to Know 2022

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Financial issues, budgeting lessons, or the desire to take charge of your investments may necessitate more time spent with specialists. The Financial Guru has arrived on the scene.

These personal finance professionals have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to your hard-earned cash. Twitter gives you the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the world’s greatest minds without ever having to actually meet them.

To get financial guidance, you can follow any of the accounts listed below:

1. @Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is one of the most talented people. He not only hosts a nationally syndicated radio show (The Dave Ramsey Show), but he also hosts a fantastic podcast in which he educates Americans on all things financial. Ramsey is interested in assisting people with their finances after losing everything in the real estate market. He announced his insolvency. He now teaches individuals how to “avoid debt at all costs” after been shaped by those experiences.

That’s not a poor advise.

He excels at guiding people through the process of achieving financial independence step by step. He understands that not everyone is ready to invest right now and helps them realize that they must first get their financial house in order. He frequently discusses the “triangle of financial stability”: save a lot of money, pay off debt, and build an emergency fund of at least six months’ worth of spending. After you’ve worked that out, you can start thinking about investing.

2. @RobertKiyosaki

The author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, is a personal finance legend. The plot revolves around two fathers and is based on Kiyosaki’s youth. One is highly educated but financially illiterate (the poor father, who is based on the author’s own father) while the other is wealthy (the rich father) (modelled after the father of his childhood friend growing up).

This book will transform your life and your relationship with money when you’ve finished reading it. It will leave you with a deep knowledge that if you want to live a wealthy life, you must learn how to make money work for you rather than working for money.

3. @SuzeOrman

Suze Orman is a well-known author and television host who specializes in personal finance. The Suze Orman Financial Group was founded after she worked as a waitress for Merrill Lynch. The majority of her time is now spent penning books and creating educational resources for the general public on such topics as investing and personal finance.

You can learn how to govern your money and your life by reading “The Laws of Money“, one of her many books. Orman’s website has a wide range of essential financial management tools. She devotes a lot of time to the psychology of personal finances.

Suze might be likened to Jane Fonda of personal finance because she has a vast library of books, CDs, and DVDs on the subject, all of which feature her likable grin.

4. @DavidBach

Series Finish Rich and the Automatic Millionaire are two well-known publications by David Bach. More than a million copies of his novels have now been sold since he first took up the pen. His publications are the pinnacle of sensible financial guidance, and he is renowned as the “Father of Modern Personal Finance.” If you’ve heard the phrase “pay yourself first,” it’s because it was coined by David Bach. To put it another way, before you do anything else with your money, you must set aside a particular amount for your own savings.

You’ll be ready to retire without having to worry about money or discipline if you follow Bach’s recommendations.

5. @NealeGodfrey

One of the first female bankers in the industry, Neale Godfrey began her career in 1972 at Chase Manhattan Bank. With over 30 years of experience in financial services, Neale has helped and advised people from all around the globe. Not everyone here has been around for that long.
She is a prolific author on the subject of money and finance, although she caters to a particular specialized audience, writing books for both parents and children such as “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Financially Responsible Children” and “Neale S. Godfrey’s Ultimate Kids’ Money Book“.

6. @MMarquit

A personal finance website that focuses more on growing wealth rather than conserving money is the brainchild of Miranda Marquit, who is also the CEO of Visiting her portal of wisdom can yield valuable information about running a business, investing, and more. Investing in stocks can be intimidating for those who have never done it before. The assistance of Miranda is available in this regard.
Which of the following best describes your goals? The assistance of Miranda is available in this regard. Looking for help with your finances, implementing good personal finance practices, or choosing on an online broker to invest with? It’s in Miranda’s nature.

7. @BudgetsAreSexy

As a self-described personal finance nerd, known only as ‘J Money,’ he let the world watch as he grew his savings from $50,000 to over $500,000. In his blog Budgets Are Sexy, J Money, a former graphic designer, recounted his journey to financial freedom. Spending as little as possible and working tirelessly helped him improve his net worth. At his 9-to-5 job, J Money put in 40 hours a week, while also putting in 30-40 hours a week on his own projects.

Initially, he wanted to learn about budgeting. As a result, he proceeded to run and eventually sell a number of blogs for himself. He’s now the brains of Rockstar Finance and Budgets Ar eSexy.

Go visit to benefit from his experience.

8. @ramit

Ramit Sethi is a personal financial specialist for the twenty-first century. With “I Will Teach You To Be Rich“, which seems like it was written by people who make late-night infomercials, he has some solid financial advice.

Most financial experts only talk about saving and budgeting, not about wealth development. Ramit, is aware of this fact. However, controlling your spending is only one part of the solution. Doubtless you’d welcome a rise in your take-home pay.

When it comes to success, Sethi is all about going for the big wins, such as getting a raise at work that will compound over time, or calling your credit card/phone/internet companies to negotiate better rates that will save you hundreds of dollars over the course of the year.

9. @jdroth

J.D. Roth has written two books: Get Rich Slowly and Money Boss. If you’re looking for answers to personal financial questions like “what savings account should I open?” or “how do I open a Roth IRA?” the former is your best bet.

Money Boss, J.D.’s personal financial website, has you covered if that’s not your thing. In order to help as many individuals as possible achieve financial security, J.D., a self-made businessman, appreciates sharing his expertise.

10. @TheSimpleDollar

After going through a financial crisis, Trent Hamm came up with the idea for The Simple Dollar. Since its humble beginnings, the site has developed into a vital resource for anybody interested in learning about the best financial products, making prudent investments, and accumulating wealth.

In addition to teaching you how to save money in your everyday life, The Simple Dollar can also help you uncover the best credit card discounts and even what kind of side business you can start right now to make additional money.

Bottom line

Following personal finance experts can be a useful way to get advice about money when you want to come up with how to make a budget or need some insight into, even how to develop a retirement strategy. It’s a great idea.




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