Starting to move? Sell Your Stuff With 5 Great Services!

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My roommate and I moved out of our apartment last year in preparation for our move to a new city. We’d made an offer on a new apartment and had given ourselves a few days to pack things up before moving in.

At one point, we were practically purging the house before we started packing and tossing stuff away. Bringing unnecessary items on a 12-hour road trip is not an option. We threw away a lot of books, appliances, and clothing, even though we had had them for years.

For the simple reason that we were leaving so quickly and going so far away, there was no good method for us to sell these things. Due of a lack of time, we were only able to contribute what we could and disposed of the remainder. There are still a lot of dollars in the bank that we might have gained by having an estate sale or even just listing our goods online.

Don’t make the same error I did when it comes to making a huge decision. Find out where to put your belongings for sale once you’ve relocated by reading on.

moving out your apartment



Craigslist continues to be a popular place to advertise and sell your goods. If you’re selling a lot of the same thing, like baby clothing or books by the same author, it’s worth it.

Furniture, musical instruments, and even lawn equipment may all benefit from this kind of storage. Because selling goods locally is the only option without incurring exorbitant transportation costs, selling them online is out of the question.

If you need to sell something, you may relist it on Craigslist for free and for as long as you need to. Make sure you don’t give out your address to scammers on the side. If you can, try to sell during the day or at a third-party venue.

Don’t be shocked if someone backs out on you during a negotiation. In addition to Craigslist, you should also advertise your goods on Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor. That way, you’re not constrained to a single location.


In existence for over 25 years, eBay remains the finest location to sell anything, from an old Xbox controller to a barely-used kitchen appliance.

To sell on eBay, you must have a large consumer base and the ability to sell nearly anything. For little products like books and DVDs, eBay is a terrific option. Because your seller profile is so important, be up open and honest about any flaws, and take images from every angle possible to demonstrate the flaws. A single bad review might have a significant impact on your sales potential.

When moving is involved, most individuals will find that eBay’s free insertion listings give more than they need. There is an additional fee that is dependent on the final sale price, which can range from 2% to 12 %, depending on the type of goods.

eBay is a great tool for selling items that aren’t too bulky or cumbersome to ship once you’ve relocated. Alternatively, you may include the cost of shipping in the final price or negotiate with the vendor to have them pay for it. Re-listing is normally free if the product doesn’t sell within the allotted period.

Facebook Marketplace

We carried a window air conditioner with us when we relocated to a new residence. If our new house didn’t come with air conditioning, we wanted to be ready.

Fortunately, the new digs had air conditioning, so I placed the window unit on Facebook Marketplace right away, where I’d never sold anything before. The fact that all of the messages came from actual Facebook accounts made it easy for me to verify that no one was a bot or a fraudster.

You may also put whatever you wish to sell, from furniture to moving boxes, on the Facebook Marketplace. The site does not charge sellers any fees, and there is no restriction on the number of products you may sell.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace has the added benefit of allowing customers to communicate with you directly via Facebook Messenger if they have any queries or would want to bargain. I was able to react to these messages quickly since I had the Messenger programme installed on my phone.


Everyone who moves ends up with a box full of clothes and accessories they’ve never used before. Donate or toss out everything that is worn and tattered.

Poshmark is a great place to sell gently used goods online. Using Poshmark, you can sell new and old men, women, and child clothing for a profit. Buyers cover shipping costs, which you specify at your desired pricing. A $2.95 fee is charged for products under $15, and a 15% cost for items over $15, on Poshmark. You’ll never pay to list an item because doing so is always free.

Sellers on Poshmark must meet a strict set of criteria. If there are any blemishes or wear, you’ll need to document them with well-lit images. Poshmark is a marketplace where you can sell everything, from fancy clothes to everyday items from H&M.

Take a day to clean, iron, or steam your garments and photograph them if you want to sell them. When photographing clothing, use a high-quality camera if you have one. Investigate what other individuals are selling that is similar to what you are offering.


Using Nextdoor, you may connect with individuals in your community. You may talk about things like snow removal, where to locate a repair in the area, or why cleanup day was ignored.

A fantastic way to get rid of unwanted stuff following a move, particularly large ones. A yard sale can also be advertised on Nextdoor, where individuals in your neighbourhood are more likely to show up.

Make a post on Nextdoor describing what’s for sale, how much you’re charging, and when interested parties may come by. Additionally, you may post images and react to direct messages from folks who have additional questions.

There are no listing or sales fees on Nextdoor because it isn’t a selling application. Because you’re both from the same area, there is an inherent degree of confidence between buyer and seller. It’s also a great chance to meet your new neighbours and learn more about your new neighbourhood.

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