Replacing Lamp Sockets At Home With Low Cost

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Household lamps that aren’t working properly can be simply repaired. The plug and cord are simple and affordable to replace and may be found at any well-stocked hardware or electrical store. It’s just as simple to put in a light socket. Replacement sockets are available in a variety of finishes, so you should be able to select one that matches the color tone of the original socket.

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Instead of buying a new light bulb at a high cost, you can completely replace the lamp socket to save more money. Your lights operate on a basic socket switch. You can easily find them at any repair shop where you live, or you can buy them on Amazon with the appropriate type. The price is very affordable, only a few dollars, much cheaper than buying a new light bulb. You can completely fix it by yourself instead of calling a mechanic. This is the most suitable and cost-saving option for you.

#1. Select the appropriate replacement part.

Check your lamp’s documentation for wattage and voltage restrictions. On the socket itself, this information is frequently displayed. The new socket should be a perfect fit for the old one. If required, remove the lamp socket and take it to a hardware or electrical supply store for assistance in finding a suitable replacement.

You must determine which socket you possess. Examine your lights to locate the switch. Usually three different switches are used for different types of lights. You can save money buying them because they are cheap and easy to find.

#2. Turn off the light.

Remove the plug from the electrical outlet. While a light socket is connected in or powered on, you should never attempt to replace or repair it.

#3. Take the light bulb out of the socket.

Remove the shade, unscrew the bulb, and crush the socket shell at the switch to separate the shell and cardboard insulator from the socket cap. If you wish to reuse the socket, don’t use a screwdriver to pry it apart. Pull the socket as far as the connecting wire will allow it out of the shell. Pull the rope up from the bottom of the light for more slack if you don’t have enough wire to work with.

#4: Remove and loosen the lamp socket.

Some light sockets are attached to a mounting frame via screws, while others are held in place by a simple socket shell. Detaching the socket shell from the “push-thru” shell cap that surrounds it is usually all that is required to remove it. A brass collar or a screw can be used to secure the socket into the cap. Look for the word “Press” etched or stamped along the rim of the shell cap. It’ll nearly always be on opposing sides of the cap if it’s present. Squeeze the shell at those two points and pull up to release the socket. If the socket is resistant, place the end of a flat-blade screwdriver between the base of the socket and the side of the socket shell. Gently pry the shell apart from the socket base.

#5. Pull the plug out of the socket.

With the socket pushed up from the shell, locate the two wires connecting to the light switch mechanism. Make a note of which color wire is attached to which color screw before removing the wires. Lamp switches employ brass screws to secure the hot (black) wire and silver screws to secure the neutral (white) wire.

#6: Remove the socket.

Loosen the terminal screws that hold the wires in place in the socket to detach the cord. Tie the line in a knot to keep it from being wrenched out at the base. The socket cap set screw, the socket shell, and the old socket should all be removed after that.

#7. Connect the new and old sockets.

Connect the appropriate wire lead to the appropriate terminal on the new socket. Then, lay the replacement socket shell cap on top of the socket and press down until the cover snaps into place. All of the harp’s components, including the light bulb and shade, need be replaced. Connect your light to the power source and turn it on.


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