Money-Saving Tips for Your Las Vegas Road Trip

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If you’re considering a Las Vegas road trip, you’re in for a great experience. However, Las Vegas is expensive no matter what. If you want to get the most bang for your buck when visiting Las Vegas, try these tips!

#1 Get a new credit card with better rewards

If you’re not qualified for a reward credit card, don’t worry, there are other ways to earn points for free travel and more. When it comes to earning points, there is no ‘one size fits all’ situation. You need to decide which card will be best suited to your travel needs. For example, if you fly a lot for work, consider choosing a card that awards airline miles for every dollar spent.


If you prefer to use your points for hotels, you may want to choose one of the hotel-specific cards available on the market. And finally, if you want to earn cash instead of miles for your trips, you can always choose a travel rewards card that gives cash back for purchases made with the card. There are also some cards that give cash back for all purchases, and no annual fee.

#2 Use your points wisely!

It’s never a bad time to give yourself a break. If you have any credit card points that have accumulated during the last year of little to no travel, use them. Any free hotel stay coupons you have should be used before they expire.

#3 Stay away from vacations

Traveling to vacation destinations becomes more difficult during and around the holiday season. The reason is because of the increased number of tourists heading to popular locations. As a result, more hotels and restaurants may become overcrowded. If you’re a frequent traveller, you probably already know how frustrating it can be to get a room reservation when you’re trying to avoid the crowds.

#4 Visit during weekdays

The price of hotels in Las Vegas usually goes down as the week goes on. In fact, some hotels charge less for rooms on Saturday nights than they do on Monday nights.

#5 Make a gaming spending plan

If you’re looking to take a chance at winning big in Vegas, then consider making a budget before you go. You’ll avoid regretting any lost money once your budget is spent.

#6 Obtain a player’s card

Sign up to get a Loyalty Card from each casino if you’re going to play. If you do well, you may get a freebie just for joining. That could be your incentive to start playing now! But wait, there’s more – you may also earn discounts at restaurants or hotel rooms.

#7 Take a chance away from the strip

Once you leave the main Strip, you’re more likely to find more favourable bets, friendlier players, and better rates on the machines. Many people claim that the slots pay-out more often.

#8 If your business is located in a tourist-rich area, be careful of what you book. A touristy locale can mean a high chance of being over-booked.

The most costly hotels are frequently found near the Las Vegas strip. Of course, costs vary depending on the day of the week and the season. However, before you decide on a hotel, make sure you do your research. Know what to expect from the places you’re considering, and make sure you get all your facts straight before you book a room.

Many are of the same class as the more well-known hotels, featuring outstanding cuisine and entertainment at a lower cost.

#9 Re-book, re-book, re-book

Hotels and resorts in Las Vegas often offer discounts for reservations made with them for a specified time period before and after check-in. They do this because they know that people who want to stay near the strip will book early or late in order to take advantage of those discounts. Find out what your reservation’s cancellation policy is, and then keep booking better offers until it’s no longer possible to make changes. It may be more difficult to cancel a prepaid or third-party reservation than it is to cancel a reservation made directly with the hotel.

If you have been making bookings without being sure of what you’re agreeing to, the chances of something going wrong are fairly high. It’s always a good idea to check that you have all the information you need before making a decision, and that you’ve understood it completely.

#10 Reserve a room at the last minute

Do you get a kick out of being able to do something on the spur of the moment? If you reside within driving distance to Las Vegas, this technique is ideal for you. On the day you wish to travel, book your lodging. For as cheap as $20, rooms may be found.

#11 Don’t feel guilty about using free entertainment

Casino games and promotions are all about enticing you into making a purchase. With that in mind, there are lots of reasons why the casino industry goes to such great lengths to make sure you visit their properties.

A performance like The Mirage’s volcanic explosion is certainly a sight to behold, but not one to be performed in front of the crowd, since it requires lots of safety precautions and the safety of the performers and audience.

#12 Purchase tickets at half-price

Vegas offers some of the world’s most talented artists and performers. Tickets can cost quite a bit of money. However, there are many things you can do to save money and be more flexible when it comes to entertainment. Bargain resellers are sellers that offer same-day tickets at a very low price. These vendors can be found everywhere and are usually located outside of malls or big box stores.

#13 Travel with public transports

Locating a parking space at a busy area is hard enough when the city is not congested. Add in the fact that Las Vegas traffic is notorious, and the chances of finding a parking spot get even worse. Luckily, if you are willing to pay a bit extra, you can take advantage of the city’s free bus service.

Some hotels provide complimentary tram transportation to other hotels. It’s also free to use the Downtown Loop shuttle. If you have a car, you can always take a ride-sharing vehicle if you need to.

#14 Bring your own beverages and snacks (Optional)

A hotel room can be a real money pit if you don’t plan ahead. You can often pay for meals at a restaurant even though it is included in the room price. The hotel room mini-bar will typically cost $15-$25 a night, so it can be easy to rack up a huge tab. The solution: Buy food at the grocery store and have it delivered right to your room.

#15 Have a brunch

There are always plenty of options for dining in Las Vegas, from restaurants to fast food, and even buffets! You can also opt for a buffet of buffets pass, which allows you to eat at many buffets for a price.

It’s a super delicious snack food that is ready in under five minutes. You won’t need any cooking or refrigeration because it lasts for up to 24 hours when stored in a cool place. It comes in small, bite-size packs and also larger packs.

#16 Don’t use a casino’s ATM

Withdrawing cash from an ATM located inside a casino is free, but withdrawing money from a machine located elsewhere will result in exorbitant fees. You can always get your money from an ATM located outside the casino.

#17 Protect your funds

The greatest burglars in the world are in Las Vegas, having a good time alongside unsuspecting tourists who are looking to spend money. However, there are many scams and cons in the casinos. Be aware of how to recognize them and avoid being scammed or cheated.

As we have already mentioned, most people are quite capable of detecting a sales pitch or scam. The important thing to remember is to avoid giving anyone who approaches you the benefit of the doubt, because there is always a good reason why they want something from you. You need to think of the “what if” scenario.

👉Saving money in Las Vegas is good for you, there is one thing you NEED TO DO tho:

Whether you’re just looking to save a few bucks or take full advantage of Las Vegas’s plethora of entertainment options, there are a few things you can do to really cut your costs. For example, rather than being a miserly grump when it comes to tipping, you can treat the people who work at the hotel where you stay as your friends.

Many of the people working in Las Vegas work around the clock to make sure you have a wonderful time. Employees at some of the casino hotels may only get paid for their tips, which is often their only source of income.

Give back when you are given a service. This means being courteous, and if someone has done something for you, then acknowledge it. If they do a service, like deliver your package to you, make sure that they are thanked.


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