Is It Cheaper to Live in a Tent?

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If you think about living in a tent, it can be a great solution to financial challenges if you are willing to sacrifice some convenience. A few things to consider before you make the leap include: Do you have the right mindset for living in a tent? Here are some things to think about.

Living in a Tent Is a Cheaper Option

Before you decide to move, you should think about whether it’s worth it. Take a look at what your current situation costs, and how much you’d be paying to get a new home. Use the numbers from your rent check and the service bill you get in the mail to estimate what it’s costing you to live in your home.

The chances are, your expenses will likely be higher than you might think. This is why it’s important to know what it takes to budget correctly and avoid financial mistakes. That’s why we created this free tool – Money Map – to help people do just that!

Before purchasing camping equipment it’s a good idea to calculate how much money you’ll need to spend on it. You’ll also want to consider how to get around the town on your camping adventure. If you will be going back to living in your home again, then you will likely need a storage space for all of your belongings while you’re not at home.

After looking at the numbers, if you think that living in a tent is a way to save money. The next consideration is to figure out where you will be camping.

Tent-Living Preparation: What You Need to Know

Here are some things you need to do research when preparing if you want to stay in peace with you tent.


There is no one perfect time to go camping. While some parts of the country have long camping seasons, many of the most popular outdoor destinations offer camping all year round. The best place to go depends on your personal preferences and what you want from your vacation. Camping in winter requires special gear and planning that may not work for everyone. In addition, the winter months can be extremely unpredictable. You might want to avoid the hassle of planning ahead by keeping your campfire going through all seasons but you may run out of fuel if you don’t plan ahead. Extreme weather can also be a concern, and there is no harm in having a plan B in place in case something bad happens in your town.

In cold weather, keeping warm will involve more expense. Some people use a space heater and others prefer using electricity for heat. But what about a combination?

Food and toiletries can be really expensive to buy, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you have some kind of meal prep service for those weeks when you’re away from home.


While you may have found that camping in a tent may save you money, can you still do it practically? Will you still be able to go to work every day if you are employed. Do you have the skills needed to start a fire, pitch your tent and maintain a campsite? It’s easy to get too caught up in thinking about what you’ll need to do to survive when you’re going to be living in the wild for months at a time.


For most people, tenting is a great way to experience the outdoors, however, it can be a costly way to enjoy the benefits. Tents can cost anywhere from $99 – $399, depending on the size and quality. It’s also not the most comfortable way to sleep. You may also need additional gear such as an axe for chopping firewood, a camping shower and more. The only thing missing is bathroom facilities but that can be easily fixed.

The Best Places to Camp

When it comes to setting up your tent, you should think about what kind of environment you want to be in. You should consider how far away from other campsites, and also what kinds of amenities are available.


Camping is a great way to take a break from the comforts of home. There are so many advantages to spending time camping. You can spend the night in a peaceful place with the sounds of nature. The amenities at a campground are plentiful, and you can choose between a full-service or primitive campsite. While it does cost a little bit of money to camp at a national park, there may be ways to get a discount or other rewards. Senior citizens, veterans and others may be eligible for special discounts.

Someone’s Property

There are plenty of ways to stay warm and dry while camping, depending on where you are. People who live in rural areas often have more options than those who are closer to large cities. You may be able to put up a tent, but remember that there may be restrictions on how long you can camp or what you can use to light your fire. If you are unable to pay a fee to camp on a property, then consider bartering your services for a place to camp and the use of some amenities. This can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and still save a few dollars in the process.

Wood and Forest

If you don’t want to compromise and you really want to get away from technology, you may want to consider getting out into the woods. You’ll miss your TV, cable and maybe even your cell phone. However, camping with a lack of access to modern tech can give you some peace and quiet. Make sure you know where you are going and ask around if you’re in an unfamiliar area so you don’t end up in a dangerous situation.

Get Access to Services

You still need access to those essential services like electricity and internet. In fact, you may even need more electricity and Internet access.


It’s important to have a mailbox in order to get mail, as well as to receive packages. An overnight campground is perfect for those who need a place to sleep and do some work at the same time. With so many options available, it can be tough to find the one that fits your needs. Many campgrounds offer free Wi-Fi and laundry facilities, but some charge a fee. You can set up your USPS account with the USPS website and they will email you when there is a package or letter that is on its way. There are also apps available to track shipments.

Shower and Water

Hygiene and cleanliness can be important. Showers can help you keep your personal hygiene at an optimum level and can also keep you from getting sick. They’re also good for your body as they can help prevent muscle soreness. With that in mind, you may find it’s worth considering an investment in a gym membership so you can make use of showers and exercise equipment. Depending on the size of your tent, you may be able to fit a toilet inside it, but you will still need water to flush. You can also purchase a portable water purifier and filter to make sure that the water in your tent is safe to drink.


Location can be a critical consideration when it comes to choosing a place to live. If you have to report to work multiple days a week and will need to travel considerable distances to do so, the location you choose for your residence must be easy to get to and have other conveniences such as restaurants and shops nearby.

Daily Necessities

When it comes to survival, whether you are indoors or outdoors, you have a lot to think about. Your location should be accessible to a source of water and electricity. You should also make sure that you are prepared to eat. So make sure that you are prepared! Are there options to keep food stored properly such as ice for a cooler or electricity for a portable refrigerator? Do you know how to prepare food safely? Can you cook food safely in an open fire? If so, you’ll want to consider getting a fire grilling system and an outdoor kitchen. A camping stove is also a smart choice.

Storage and Security

While it can save you money to store your possessions in a storage unit while living in a tent, you should consider where to keep the items you need to keep with you, like your phone and wallet. A tent is a good investment because it is a great addition to your camping equipment. It is important that you make sure that the tent you purchase is strong and durable so that it can last a long time and give you years of service.
While a car can provide you with some protection, you may need to consider additional options if you do not have access to a vehicle. If you’re without a car, you may want to explore some alternatives for keeping your valuables and important documents safe.

So, How Much Money Can You Save by Living in Your Tent

Living in a tent may not always be the best way to save money, but it can certainly help reduce costs. In fact, for those in certain areas, it might be the most affordable way to live. It really depends on the area you live in and your particular circumstances.

There are some logistics to work out before you take this step as well as some needed equipment, but with some planning, this may be a short term solution to save money for yourself or your family.


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