How to Get the Most Money for Your Car When You Put It Up for Sale

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Today we are going to talk about five things that you should do when selling your car

The first thing you need to know that people prefer gleaming goods. If you’re missing a hubcap, go to an auto-zone and grab a set of four gleaming hubcaps for around $30-40. When the automobile appears better with all the gleaming hubcaps, you’ll get more than your money back. Speaking of gleaming, either wash and wax your automobile yourself or take it to one of those detailing services; the nicer it appears, the more money you’ll get for it. Then check under the hood; you have an unclean, greasy engine that will make people think it wasn’t properly maintained. You usually don’t clean under the engine because it serves no purpose and if you don’t like it, but when you’re selling a car, a lot of people who don’t know much about cars will open the hood and see that it’s clean and assume that it’s been taken care of; they’re not going to get a compression gauge and check the compression in your cylinders in most cases, they’ll just be looking. So you want to make sure it looks good beneath there, and if you don’t want to do it yourself, pay a merchant to do it for you; they have spray waxes and other products to make it look a lot better.


The next step is to determine how far you can go in repairing your car before selling it. For example, to fix this dent on the bumper where the plastic is ripped off, most body shops these days will charge $400-500 to either fix it, paint it, or replace it and paint it. In that case, you must determine how much your car is truly worth. If it’s a late model car, it’s probably worth fixing because you’ll get a lot more money for it. If it’s a Toyota that’s 20 years old, for example, you know you’re not going to get much for it, so you knock a few hundred dollars off the asking price of the car, and the same thing goes for the paint. If you get a car and the paint is all faded and it looks like garbage, you might think you’ll go to one of It won’t be perfect, but it will make the car appear so much better that you’ll be able to sell it for much more than $200-300 extra. However, if you have a car with a bad paint job, putting on a cheap paint job may cause the car to sell for less money because someone may decide to buff it all out and possibly re-coat it, but painting a whole car correctly these days costs anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 and up, so you’re not going to spend that kind of money when you’re selling a car. Unless you’re selling a high-end automobile.

The next thing to check before selling your car is that it’s full of oil and that it’s clean. Many people who are amateurs, with no expertise or knowledge in this field, bring these old cars that they were thinking of selling and when consumers check the oil, they find that not only is it really dirty, but it’s also low on oil, the engine is worn, it’s burning oil, it’s dirty, and it hasn’t been taken care of. There will be a limitation of purchasers for such vehicles. So, even if you’ve been terrible and haven’t changed your oil in a while, change it before you sell it. That way, it’ll be full, clean, and you’ll have a higher probability of gaining more money.

The next step is to inspect the tires; these are good tires with plenty of wear and a good appearance; you can just ignore them. If you have a bunch of bald tires, or if your tires are old and cracked, you can consider buying the cheapest tires you can find that will at least look good. Of course, the cheapest tires are never ideal, but if you’re selling your car, new tires that are shinny, non-cracked, and appear safer make the automobile look better all around. And if you have a tiny problem with your front end or something, new tires that are correctly balanced will not wobble or shimmy, making the car simpler to sell, and don’t forget about all the rubber trim, which is old faded trim. All American armor silicone based cleaner and conditioner works best on trim, silicone cleans, protects, and shines it up nicely. You just wipe it all over the rubber, look at all the black crud that comes off of this thing, and strangely enough, this stuff smells like an old fashioned cherry soda, it actually smells good, then you buff it until it’s nice and shinny, and above all. Don’t forget about the interior; if someone is driving the automobile, they will be sitting in it, and that is the portion they want to see clean and attractive.

When it comes to selling your car, the last thing you want is major technical concerns. You’re almost never going to get your money back if you know the automobile has an engine or gearbox problem. You don’t put a new engine in a car that’s starting to fail and then sell it because, in most situations, you’ll never get that much money back. Of course, if your brakes are grinding, replace the brake pads so they don’t grind anymore; brake pads can be found for $19 at certain locations; that kind of thing needs to be addressed. However, if your transmission is starting to slip and other issues, you should not get it rebuilt before selling the automobile because you will never recoup your investment.

You should try to sell your car yourself if you want to obtain the maximum money for it. If you try to sell it to a used car lot or a business that sells automobiles for a living, they will pay you the least amount of money possible since they have to sell it and make a profit. However, if you don’t want to deal with the general public when selling your automobile, you may find a decent consignment seller. There are people out there who will accept your car on consignment for a percentage of the price and try to sell it for you. Because if you have a car that people really want, these guys know which automobiles are the most popular, the most money they can make, and they’ll attempt to sell it for as much as they can because they receive a portion of the sale price. They won’t make much money if it goes for a low price. Above all, if you’re selling your automobile, don’t trade it in; when you do, you’ll get almost nothing for it; instead, try to sell it yourself or through a consignment dealer.

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