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Do you have any ideas for making extra money quickly? To pay off your debt faster or earn some additional money for the month, there are a variety of side occupations that can help you make a bit of extra money in a day.

In this post, we give some insider tips that will help you how to make quick money in one day with minimal effort.


#1 You Can Make Money By Selling Your Things

Your Clothes

Purge your closet of items you no longer wear in order to make room for new, fashionable clothing. Items that are currently in vogue are the easiest to sell, so consider getting rid of anything you no longer wear. To find out how much your old clothing are worth, visit a local thrift store or consignment shop. ThredUp, Poshmark, and Tradesy are all wonderful alternatives if you like to sell online directly or via marketplace.

old stuffs

Your Furnitures

Your basement or garage may be a good place to store that old things or other hand-me-down. Consider the value of your useless possessions. Using Craigslist or Tori like Facebook Marketplace, you can sell your furniture quickly and easily. In order to maximise the value of your sale, try giving your item a facelift. The value of your item might be greatly increased by using leather cleaning or varnish.

Make the most of your yard

Don’t forget to go through your house and get rid of everything you don’t need. Reach out to your neighbours to see if they’d be interested in having a joint yard sale if you don’t have enough stuff to sell. Make your yard sale a success with these tips:

Make sure you have a licence. A permission may be required in some places, so check with the city clerk or town hall for further information. If you don’t have a permission for your yard sale, you might be penalised or have your sale shut down.

Find a time that works for you. To avoid disrupting anyone’s schedule, it’s a good idea to host the event on Saturday or Sunday mornings. If you’ve got a lot of stuff, a multi-day yard sale can be a good idea.

Advertisement. You may place yard sale signs throughout your area or advertise in your local newspaper or online. The larger your revenue potential, the more effort you should put into spreading the word.

Your Books

Books, if they are textbooks or just for pleasure reading can be sold for money. Selling old textbooks at a nearby organisation is a great way to make money. Used books may be sold on sites like Bookscouter, Decluttr, and Amazon’s trade-in programme, as well as in person.


#2 Share Your Apartment

Are you a person who prefers living alone? A few more bedrooms in your house might save you a considerable amount of money on your monthly utility bills. Assuming that the average savings each day is around $33 if you charge $1,000 in rent per month.

To find someone that fits your lifestyle, you can search from friends, relatives, or in your Facebook Group, or visit websites like RoommatesRoommieMatch, and Roomster may help you meet other people who share your interests and values in order to find a living situation that works for both of you.

#3 Learn how to care for animals by becoming a pet sitter

Keeping pets is getting increasingly fashionable these days. 70% of the U.S homes have at least one pet, according to the 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey. Pet sitting is a terrific way to get money, whether it’s for a few hours or the entire night. By creating a profile on an app like Rover, you may search for neighbouring pet owners and find them. Provide great service from the outset of your new employment as a pet sitter to guarantee that you get off to a good start.

pet sitter

#4 Baby sitter

Families in your neighbourhood may be looking for a dependable babysitter with plenty of experience. Babysitting employment may be found on sites like Care or Sittercity.

#5 Think About Being A Freelancer

No matter what your skill level, we’d want to hear from you. There are thousands of freelancing opportunities out there for folks with a wide range of skill sets. A profile on sites like Upwork or Freelancer allows you to apply for relevant tasks or be sought out by others who are seeking for freelancers. If you just use one platform, you’ll establish a name for yourself in the freelancing world and be more likely to get hired for more projects.

#6 Working as A Tutor Part-time

Do you consider yourself to be a math whiz? Know another language like the back of your hand? Tutoring is a great way to get money while using your talents. Consider posting your abilities on Craigslist to connect with kids and parents in your area who are in need of tutoring.

However, you may also discover tutoring employment in your region through online forums like as or Smarthinking, although these need an application procedure and background check before you can get a job.

join research survey

#7 Join Research Projects

If you match the eligibility conditions, programmes like the NIH Clinical Centre and ITHS allow you to participate in research projects. Make an effort to find studies in your region, and then do your homework on the potential benefits and drawbacks of taking part.

#8 As a member of a Focus Group

Pay for your thoughts by joining a local focus group. has a simple application process, and you’ll be invited to the next research study, whether in-person or online, as soon as you complete it.

#9 Reduce and Reuse the Use of Excessive Electronics

You may be sitting on a large sum of money if you have obsolete equipment like computers, smartphones, or music players gathering dust. With the help of trade-in programmes like Apple GiveBack, you may reclaim a gift card in exchange for recycling an old gadget at an ecoATM kiosk in your local region.

#10 While shopping, you might get a rebate

With Ebates, you can earn money when you buy for your everyday necessities. Ebates gives you the chance to earn a portion of what you spend back. Cashback amounts might range from 5 to 20%, however this is the most common range.

#11 From Your Hobbies:

Review Music

Participating in sites like Slicethepie might pay you to express your thoughts. Besides the ability to hear new music before anybody else, the site allows you to give musicians a rating and feedback for some extra cash.


Try Your Hand at Photography

Photographers may make money by selling their work as stock photography on platforms like Shutterstock or Getty Images. You can begin selling your photographs once you have completed the application procedure. It is possible to make money for each sale of an image that you create.

#12 Get a Pay Increase

While asking for a raise at work might be intimidating, being proactive could result in more money being paid to you. Put together a case for why you deserve a pay increase and present it to your manager. Even if they don’t accept right away, it will show your employer that you’re serious about your pay request.

#13 Decrease Your Expenses

Put your payments on autopay and you’ll never have to worry about them again. However, you may be amazed at how much money you may save simply by taking a look at your spending patterns.

How much do you use video and music streaming services? Consider sharing the fees with a friend or co-worker. That $10 a month might save you $60 a year if you divide it up.

#14 Purchase gift cards to resell

What about a gift card to a company or restaurant that you don’t plan to use for a while? Gift cards may be exchanged for cash at sites like GiftDeals or CardCash, where you can receive up to 92% cashback.

#15 Stuff You Can Get For Free

Freebies are plentiful since individuals are continually relocating or changing their style. Make your way across Craigslist in search of “free” stuff you come upon on the side of the road. You might be able to tidy up the item and resell it for a profit with a little elbow work.

#16 Be a One-of-a-Kind

Even if you reside outside of Los Angeles or New York City, you may still be able to land a few extra bucks by appearing on television. Additional casting calls in your region can be found on sites like Backstage and CentralCasting.

Don’t forget to bring a headshot with you when applying for jobs!

#17 Inquire about unclaimed funds

Almost $58 billion in unclaimed funds are out there.

By looking for unclaimed money or property in every state where you’ve lived, you can see if any of it may be yours. Unclaimed money can be tracked down using the processes, although the government doesn’t maintain a single website for this purpose.

#18 Be a Uber or Lyft driver

Make your own hours and drive for an app-based taxi business. If you’re searching for a part-time or full-time work, driving for Uber or Lyft is a flexible alternative that allows you to choose your own hours.

Calculating your profits is dependent on the time, distance, and starting balance. Make sure to consider the demand for drivers in the region when choosing where to drive, whether it’s a highly sought-after destination or the day of an event, so that you can get the most for your time spent behind the wheel.


#19 Delivering Food

App-based gadgets have opened up new avenues for meal delivery. Food delivery applications such as Foodora, DoorDash, UberEats, and Postmates allow you to earn additional money without having to work in a restaurant. Food delivery programs allow you to earn extra money on the side by choosing when, where, and how much you want to work.

#20 Make the Most of Your Time and Energy

Selling your services in advance is an option even if you have no immediate relatives or friends that require your services. Make it official by printing off a certificate promising that you’ll mow their lawn, shovel their driveway, water their garden, or accomplish another task they’d require! Set up a day and time to complete the task once they’re ready.

It’s essential to be trustworthy and stick to your promises. If you’re able to gain their trust, these part-time tasks might become a regular source of income for you.

#21 Handle Temporary Jobs

Don’t forget to factor in the time of year while volunteering to help out relatives and friends. Is one of these temporary choices available in your area?? You can:

Make sure your driveway or roof are cleared of snow in the winter;

Fertilize your lawn in the spring;

Mowing the grass or landscaping the yard when summer comes;

Or leaves to rake as the season changes.

House Cleaner

There are myriad housekeeping and cleaning jobs accessible online or on local job boards if you don’t mind physical labour. Opportunities in your region are frequently advertised on sites like Care or Indeed.

Whenever a new employment opportunity becomes available, be sure to apply right away! To boost your chances of being recruited, incorporate any previous cleaning experience in your CV.

Or, on Craiglist

There are always fresh options on Craigslist for part-time work if you’re seeking for something temporary. Sell a product or service or locate a job that suits your abilities. Meeting a potential boss for the first time? Make sure you meet in a well-known place so you can feel comfortable.

car services

#22 Washing Car Service

The best way to find work is to post your services on Craiglist or contact local car dealerships. Washing, waxing, and detailing automobiles may be part of your full-time or part-time job if you work for a dealership and are responsible for keeping showrooms at their best.

#23 Your Parking Spot Can Be Rented Out

You may make money renting out your parking space if you live near an event venue or other handy location in your city. Make some additional money by getting visitors to park in your driveway or even on your lawn. Consider parking your car at a friend’s house or on a nearby side street when you have little parking space.

#24 Be a Moving Person

Due to the high cost of moving firms, some consumers opt to use the services of independent contractors instead.

Folks in your area who need assistance moving can find you through services like TruckPlease or Dolly that link you with people who need help moving in and out of their homes. Last-minute gigs may still be available, so keep an eye out.

#25 Gardening or Landscaping

Start your own business as a gardener or landscaper to a neighbour or acquaintance who is travelling out of town or just needs a helping hand around the property. It’s possible to come up with an hourly rate and do everything from mow their lawn to water their garden to plant flowers.


Bottom line

If you want to come up with new ways of making money fast, you need to think outside the box. Put your pen to paper. Discover how you can use your talents to make money. You may be surprised at how many possible side jobs you can take on on your own.

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