How Can You Make Your Cash Deposit at CapitalOne

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You can deposit money into your CapitalOne account online. It’s easy and fast. To start, go to CapitalOne

1. Create an external account

You can link your checking or savings account to a different bank account. You can effortlessly transfer funds between your accounts if you do so. Learn how

2. Deposit through mobile device

With Mobile Deposit, you can deposit a check from anywhere in the United States and its territories. To take a picture of your check using mobile app, follow these steps:

  • Select your account on the CapitalOne Mobile app.
  • Next to the camera icon, chose “Deposit.”
  • Write “for CapitalOne mobile deposit” then sign on the back then take a photo of your check including the front and back.
  • You can fill in the deposit amount and a memo based on the prompts if you wish.
  • Finally complete your deposit by clicking the green button.

3. Make an ATM deposit

Go to any ATM near you that allows deposits and make a deposit. Because “All Points” ATMs are part of the CapitalOne 360 ATM network, you can use them.

4. Making a Direct Deposit

Your company will need your CapitalOne account number and routing information to set up Direct Deposit. You can get that information in one of two ways:

In the application:

  • Select your bank account after logging in.
  • Select “Show More” from the “Account Info” drop-down menu.


  • Select your bank account after logging in.
  • In the upper left corner, beneath your account’s name, click “View Details.”

You can also set up Direct Deposit by printing off our blank Direct Deposit form, filling it out with your information, and submitting it to your employer.

5. Make a transfer

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about transfers and track how your money is deposited into CapitalOne, visit the Transfers page and Funds Availability Page for more details.

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