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Home Depot, or Empire? Which Homeowners Should Know About Before Signing the Check! If you are looking to buy carpet at a bargain, Don’t Fall for those relentless television ads that promise free carpet installation.

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Get the truth about Choosing New Carpet Wisely, Learn How to quickly Spot Common Retail Carpet Scams and how to make Smarter Carpet Choices! Last I checked, the huge nationally advertised carpet retailers use other companies to assist with their carpet sales as well as their measurement and installation services. That means, if you ever have a carpet installation problem or a carpet complaint, you may have a hard time getting anyone to help or take any responsibility for making things right.

If you want to save money, buy your supplies in bulk. Home Depot contract out all their flooring sales, measuring and installation services to different companies.

Empire Today, LLC: Best Overall

Empire Today was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1959. Since then it has expanded across the United States, offering flooring solutions and installation nationwide.

Floor & Home works with all types of flooring for residential and commercial properties. It has a BBB rating of A+ and is an accredited business.

Empire Today offers floor installation services for your property regardless of the type of material you are looking to use. They have certified and licensed installers who can have your floor installed as soon as the next day after you buy it.

You have to start with an on-site estimate to get started with Empire Today. They will come to your place, measure every room involved in the job, and help you choose the floors that best suit your place. The professionals at Empire Today will provide you with a price quote that includes the cost of installation.

With Empire Today you’ll get free professional flooring installation and expert advice about the best choices for your new flooring! Installation fees vary depending on the type of flooring you choose.

There are many ways to finance and sometimes the company will offer special promotions that can help you save. To get an estimate, fill out a form on the company’s website or call its 24/7 national hotline.

The Home Depot: Best Nationwide

The Home Depot: Home Improvement Headquarters. The Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement companies in the country. Now offering products and services across North America, its first stores were opened in 1979 in Atlanta.

There are over 2,200 Home Depots in the U.S. each with a diverse inventory of flooring options, colors, and designs. Their professionals are licensed and insured, making them a great choice for a floor installation.

If you need to install carpet, hardwood, vinyl, or tile flooring, you’ll be charged a flat rate for the job. For engineered floors, the per square-foot cost will usually be around $4, while the cost for solid wood, vinyl, and laminate floors will be between $5 and $2 per square foot.

You can contact your local Home Depot to schedule an in-home measurement. They will give you a free estimate with the total costs of the project. You can also get a free estimate online.

Home Depot Carpet vs Empire Carpet

On the other hand, I would probably not be as picky about the carpet quality.

Carpet Quality: Home Depot carpet is slightly better than the carpet from Empire . However, it is not the best quality. The Home Depot carpet has a very rough surface. The Empire carpet has a smoother surface.

Installation Time: Home Depot carpet installation takes longer than Empire carpet installation. Empire is very fast. Home Depot takes about 2 hours to install. Empire takes about 1 hour to install.

Cost: Home Depot carpet is cheaper than Empire carpet.


Home Depot is more convenient, less expensive, and provides somewhat higher-quality carpet. However, the carpet installation at Home Depot takes longer. Home Depot made a significant mistake with the carpet in our case, which is why we had to hire Empire to finish the job. If I had more time and could do it again, I would probably go with Home Depot. On the other hand, if I had more time, I would probably go with Empire.


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