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Just Start Here is a long-running horse racing betting service founded by a group of software developers who profess to be passionate about the sport.

Obviously, it is not possible to know for sure who is behind the site, but it has been around for a long time and is well-known in the industry. Just Start Here has a good reputation among the major US bookmakers. It is a member of the National Council of State Athletic Commission and is also a member of the Thoroughbred Racing Association. As well as being a betting service, Just Start Here has a useful racing form and racecard section.


What Just Start Here Has To Offer

Simply put, Just Start Here is a tool that examines where prospective bets could be made based on how betting exchange values fluctuate over time. This is an exciting notion, and I’d like to get started on it, but it’s important to remember that using Just Start Here as a tool necessitates considerable effort.

It’s actually quite simple to use Just Start Here. Everything is color-coded, and while the data may appear overwhelming at first sight, if you learn to understand it, it all fits together nicely. As a gambler, this implies you should be able to extrapolate data quickly.

Of course, what you do with the knowledge Just Start Here gives is ultimately up to you. Fortunately, you will be given some training on how to use the information in a variety of ways, but experience will ultimately be the most crucial aspect in making the most of Just Start Here.

Aside from the main product, Just Start Here also offers a service called Cherry Picks Horse Racing Ratings (or Cherry Picks for short). The horse racing ratings for the Just Start Here team can be found on this page.

These are offered in a variety of formats each morning and allow you to quickly uncover some of the day’s best betting possibilities. This is an excellent addition to Just Start Here, and I believe it reduces some of the service’s complexity.

Just Start Here not only gives you with the basic product ad Cherry Picks, but it also provides you with additional information on which horses to keep an eye on. This covers which horses have been tipped for the day by prominent news outlets.

You also get access to historical data, which is useful for experimenting with alternative ways to use the data and information that Just Start Here provides. I haven’t addressed it before, but I believe it should be stated explicitly that in order to get the most out of Just Start Here, you will need an account with a betting exchange. Because the program is linked to Betfair, it goes without saying that this is the ideal spot to wager.


How Just Start Here Works

Just Start Here is a bit like a stock market simulator. It looks at how the odds on horses change over time, and this data is used to provide betting recommendations.

Just Start Here is not a tool that offers advice on how to place a bet. Instead, it’s a tool that looks at the odds on horses and gives you a starting point from which to work. This is a bit like using a stock market simulator to find a starting point from which to begin investing.

Final Thought

Just Start Here is the name of the tool. It merely provides information and does not perform any other functions. As a result, the information is meaningless unless you can turn it into a solid betting strategy.

This isn’t to say that it’s a bad thing. Not in the least. Just Start Here performs a good job in terms of what it accomplishes. If you’re looking for a lot of market data for horse racing betting on Betfair, having it all in one place is ideal, which is exactly what Just Start Here offers.

Just Start Here was created by a group of software developers, which is reflected in the final result. It’s a good product, but it won’t help you make any money.

If you accept it for what it is, Just Start Here isn’t a bad bet for £6 a month. There’s little doubt that the data could be utilized to build far more reliable betting methods than anything I could think of.

However, it’s important noting that Just Start Here isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for a basic and easy betting system, even the low price will not make Just Start Here work for you.



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