Achieve Financial Success in 2022 with These 5 Smart Investments

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Here are five money actions that everyone should do in 2022 to help them relax and enjoy the process of accumulating riches. Some of them will help you save money, allowing you to accelerate your wealth accumulation.


Contributions to retirement plans should be increased

Now is a good moment to raise your retirement plan contributions, whether you are contributing a little or a lot. The IRS has announced that employees can now contribute up to $20,500 to a 401(k). In 2022, the total contribution maximum for a 401(k) for small company owners will be $61,000. You can also make a $6,500 catch-up donation if you are 50 or older. Contribution limitations to a Cash Balance Plan for high-income business owners were raised from $230,000 to $245,000 in 2022. This is in addition to the contribution restrictions for 401(k) plans.

At the absolute least, you should be making enough contributions to your 401(k) to receive the full company match. This is the equivalent of receiving free money or a raise from your job and not having to pay taxes on the income for the current year.


Regular Bills Should Be Checked-Call for Better Offers

Review your monthly bills for a few minutes. What recurring services do you pay for but don’t actually use? Cancel any apps or streaming services you aren’t utilizing.

When you first joined up for other services like internet, cable, mobile phone, home phone, and so on, you almost certainly received a discount. If the first offer has expired, contact your provider to see if they provide a customer retention incentive or discounted price. To save money each month, you might want to explore switching providers.

By negotiating all of your services, you may be able to save a few hundred dollars every month. This might result in yearly savings of thousands of dollars.


Save More for Your Investments

Growing wealth and making wise monetary decisions go hand in hand. Everyone should save money outside of their 401(k)s. Set up an automatic monthly payment to a non-retirement investing account if you haven’t previously done so.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to come up with the additional cash each month, have a look at the previous advice. By negotiating or eliminating your regular expenses, you were able to save hundreds of dollars each month. You could amass a stunning $590,000 by saving $300 a month for 30 years (assuming a 10% return).


Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Deal on Your Mortgage

Since home prices are so high right now, even a minor reduction in your mortgage interest rate may save you a ton of money over the course of your loan. In 2022, interest rates are likely to begin to rise. So, examine your current interest rates and set a timer for a few minutes. Refinancing may save you money if you’re on an adjustable-rate mortgage, so check to see how long your rate is fixed.) Alternatively, you may be able to cut your monthly payments by extending your mortgage to a new 30-year term. This would allow you to save more money for other purposes, such as retiring early or perhaps purchasing a second house.

Bill Paying Can Be Automated

The financial planning process is designed to help you achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently. Paying as many of your payments automatically is one approach to make keeping track of your money simpler. Set up auto-pay for as many of your bills as you can afford to do so. Direct deposit your wages.

Pay as many bills as you can with a credit card that gives you miles or points if you’re willing and able to pay off your balance each month. In addition to earning miles or points, you may keep track of your monthly expenses using this app. Instead of paying each payment as it arrives, you simply have to pay the credit card bill once a month.


In your opinion, how much are you able to save this year? Investing this money will allow you to achieve your financial objectives much more quickly. Alternatively, you might utilize the funds to take that dream trip you’ve been putting off because of the recent travel restrictions.


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