1K Ideas for Money Making and Pay-off Debts in 2022

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The most effective way to improve your financial situation is to earn extra income. The good news is that in today’s world, there are many ways to boost your income through basic side hustles. This is essentially a “side job” that you do in addition to your normal employment. You may generate money with your extra time to pay off debt, save for a vacation, a down payment on a house, retirement, and other goals.

If you have a full-time job, but you are running out of room in your budget, you might be looking for ways to make some extra money. This is usually done by working part time or by asking for a raise. As the number of applications and internet-based businesses grow, the number of ways to make extra money has increased. Today, it’s up to you to choose how to use your time to get the most value for your investment. The following list will help you in making that choice. You won’t be able to use all of them, but you will be able to find something useful for each.

1K Ideas for Money Making and Pay-off Debts in 2022

Online Earnings

You don’t have to live in the same place that your business is based to create a website, blog, or engage in any other digital activity. If you have a good internet connection and access to a computer, you can set up your own web-based company with very little effort.

Working from home can be a great alternative to the traditional office environment. You can take advantage of having the freedom to travel as well as working anywhere in the world. It requires some understanding about how to succeed, though, so here are some tips for getting started.

The “full-time work” and the “part-time work” do have some common characteristics in that they both involve doing something for someone else. The problem is that they have a very different mindset about it.

Investing Your Money

Investing in retirement is part of being prepared for life after work. It’s something that everyone should consider, and it’s not just for those who plan to work forever. Investing early will give you a big head start on saving, which will enable you to retire with less savings or even more. The best way to get started is with a robo-advisor like Betterment.

If you like the idea of hands-off investing and would rather not worry about tracking the markets yourself, a few great exchange traded funds (ETFs) may be a good way to get in on the action.

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Answer Surveys

Answering surveys is a simple method for anyone to earn more because almost are quite easy and just take a few minutes to complete. This is an excellent choice for your lunch break, the bus journey home, or later in the evening. Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars are all free to join and provide daily surveys.

Avoid getting caught up in scam sites that want you to pay to join. It should never be necessary to pay to participate in a credible survey site. As well, just keep in mind that taking surveys will not make you wealthy.

Join Focus Groups

Online focus groups pay extra since you are paid to test a product or make more in-depth comments on problems than you would in a conventional survey. A survey company Toluna may be able to help you identify focus groups.

Watch Videos

Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars are websites where users can earn points, called SB and ID points, for watching videos, shopping online, surfing the internet, and playing games. They also pay users to share their opinion about products, movies, and TV shows. If you want to make money doing what you already do on the web every day, these two sites are perfect for you. You’ll get paid for your activity.

Browse the Web

Instead of only using Google to conduct online research, use Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars to earn money by performing web searches. Because these two sites allow you to earn money by doing a variety of online tasks, your earning potential is potentially bigger than that of other paid search platforms. You may be compensated for every minute you spend on the internet. Simply register your PC, tablet, or smartphone to get compensated for sharing your surfing history.

Start Blogging

Having your own blog may be beneficial in two ways. If you want to freelance online, blogging can help you build an online portfolio that you can exhibit to potential clients. You may also utilize your blog to generate passive money through affiliate marketing, which pays you a commission when a visitor purchases a product you promote.

Affiliate marketing allows some successful bloggers to make over $100,000 each year. It simply takes a few minutes to get started, and SiteGround will host your site for you.

Freelance Writer

Companies and blogs are on the lookout for talented writers to provide material for their readers. The nicest thing about freelance writing is that you don’t need to have a degree in English or Communications to be employed. You only need to be able to articulate your knowledge in written language and can begin earning money in 30 days or less with no upfront expenditures.

There are numerous ways to become a freelance writer, especially if you know who to talk to, but Earn More Writing will show you how to accomplish it from the perspective of someone who earns over $200,000 per year writing for others.

Make Your YouTube Channel

If you’re not afraid of being in front of the camera, you may also make money by starting a YouTube channel where you discuss your area of expertise. It may be mending automobiles, evaluating video games, or discussing cosmetics.

You may some basic investing in advance, like, to shoot some of your movies, you’ll need a nice camera and perhaps some lighting equipment, but they are generally the only costs.

Designing Graphics

Connecting with clients all around the world is another way to generate money in online graphic design. Fiver, UpWork, and Freelancer are all good locations to start designing. Alternatively, you can make contact with local companies. You may also join Facebook groups to check if someone is seeking for job. 99designs is another wonderful site to start honing your graphic design skills. It is, without a doubt, the most popular graphic design website.

Developing Websites

You may earn money developing bespoke websites for organizations and blogs who want to establish their own distinct identity, in addition to logos and online graphics. If you want to get a head start in this industry, create an UpWork profile and start bidding on assignments.

Website Administration

Website administration for these same clientele is a perfect stepping stone for creating websites. You can keep their websites secure by installing the most recent plugin updates and backing up their data in case it is unintentionally erased.

This is a job for someone who understands what they’re doing and is focused on the process. iMark Interactive is a highly rated provider of this sort of service for WordPress blogs.

Work as a Virtual Assistant

Maybe you don’t want to develop unique material and instead want to manage other people’s. Many bloggers and website owners are searching for virtual assistants to answer emails, publish content on social media, and even manage their blogs by scheduling articles and podcasts.

Build an App or Apps

If you know how to program, you might be able to generate money by developing an app. If you don’t have all of the tools, there are various websites that can help. You may also look at ibuildapp.com.

Domains Swap

You may earn by acquiring appealing domain names and reselling them. Flippa is one of the most effective platforms for attracting bidders. On it, you can also sell websites and applications.

Websites for Sale

This side business may take a bit longer, but it may be quite lucrative. Potential purchasers will be attracted to a website built from the ground up that generates monthly money via adverts, affiliate income, or drop shipping on Shopify.

Do a Tester for Websites

You may also get paid to test websites, applications, and video games. Developers like to pay actual individuals like you to engage with their website in real time and offer feedback. Learn how to become a tester at UserTesting.

Do Transcribing for Audio Conversations

Get paid to transcribe audio conversations for companies, lawyers, and doctors. You may become a transcriptionist at TranscribeMe for $20 each audible hour!

Work as a Proofreader

You may become an online proofreader if you have a keen eye for detail and an aptitude for grammar. Proofreading blog articles, novels, white papers, and litigation transcripts are just a few of the options. If you enjoy reading, this might be a terrific way to supplement your income.

Write Professional Resumes

Career transitions are fairly common, and many job searchers engage professional resume writers to help them with their resumes. This side hustle is for you if you can create cover letters and resumes that transform a job application into a job interview.

Online Customer Service Rep

Companies are hiring online customer support representatives to take calls and respond to live chats from their homes. To qualify, you’ll need good internet and a calm, distraction-free area. Amazon and other online shops will post job vacancies on their own sites, and you can also look at FlexJobs.

Making E-books

E-books are really popular right now. People are purchasing digital books in order to reduce clutter in their lives. This is particularly true for Kindle e-readers and iPads. You may now effortlessly download a book title.

This has made it more easier for those who enjoy writing to get money from their efforts than traditional book publishing. With significantly less time and expenditure, you can self-publish on Amazon and have access to their large client base.

1K Ideas for Money Making and Pay-off Debts in 2022


Are you proficient in a certain field? Consider earning money while teaching someone what you already know. It is possible to earn money by assisting others in their education. Don’t limit yourself to academic topics; share something you’re strong at, such as WordPress blogging or playing a musical instrument.

If someone constantly asks you the same questions because you have a skill set, it’s time to consider monetizing your expertise!


Online or in-person tutoring is available. Studypool is an online tutoring portal where you may bid to assist students with homework issues in over 30 topics. Even as a college student, you may tutor and demand greater prices once you graduate.

Let’s instruct in person by posting an ad on Craigslist or another online tutoring site. Students in high school and college are often searching for assistance in a variety of subjects, including English, History, Math, Chemistry, and ACT/SAT Test Preparation.

Make a Course Online

Another method to share your expertise with others is to create your own video course or teaching aids that you can sell through your own website, YouTube channel, or learning portals like Udemy. Good online course platforms include Teachable and Thinkific.

Music Lessons

Many parents wish for their children to be able to play an instrument. Because all lessons are taught after school, this is a wonderful side hustle option.

Working as a Part-Time Instructor is a Great Way to Supplement Your Income

You might be able to teach classes at a local community college or even work as a substitute teacher in your town. To begin teaching, you don’t always require a degree in education.

College Notes For Sale

College students who are well-organized may also make money online by selling notes to students who don’t keep their own notes or who may have skipped a lecture. Nexus Notes is a well-known name in the world of online note sales.


You can translate for a local business event if you are fluent in a foreign language. Non-native speakers can also be taught English as a second language. You can also expand your social relationship there, add more chance to find jobs.

1K Ideas for Money Making and Pay-off Debts in 2022

Manual Labour Work

Do you enjoy doing things with your hands? Why not make some money while doing something you enjoy in your spare time? Locally and online, you may create money with your own hands. These sorts of income opportunities need a bit more effort to get started, in terms of both time and money, but they may be successful. Because few people rush out to undertake manual labour, the opportunity exists.

Gigs on Craigslist

Checking your local Craigslist jobs area for one-time earning possibilities for a range of chores might be beneficial.

Work as a handyman

Advertise your services on TaskRabbit if you are a jack-of-all-trades. You may get paid to assist clients with moving, house repairs, and furniture assembly, to mention a few activities.

Inspector of the House

If you enjoy working with people and have a passion for houses, becoming a home inspector might be a wonderful fit for you. Although certification takes time, it allows you to charge a higher cost and have your work guaranteed by a national body. In my neighbourhood, a home inspection and report costs roughly $500. Depending on the size of the house, it might be more.

With all of the unscrupulous inspectors out there, this might be a lucrative market for the fastidious.

Repairing the HVAC system

Homeowners’ heating and cooling systems are always in need of maintenance. Especially when the first cold or hot spell hits and the pros are overworked or overcharged.

Siding and Gutters Repair

Siding and gutters on houses need to be fixed on a regular basis due to wear and tear from the elements. It may be less expensive to hire you than to hire a professional service.

Mechanic on the Move

If you have a lot of knowledge about automobiles and the skills to fix them, you might want to consider being a mobile mechanic. People’s automobiles may be fixed while they are at work or at home, making their lives easier. Starting this business might take some time, but you could just join Your Mechanic, a service site that already has a large customer base.

Gutters are Free of Debris

When gutters get clogged with falling leaves, they must be cleaned on a regular basis. All you’ll need is a ladder and a fascination with heights. Perhaps a broom and a blower as well.

Using High-Pressure Cleaning

Property owners prefer to maintain their structures appearing “fresh,” therefore pressure washing houses, apartment complexes, and businesses may be profitable.

Sheetrock Installation and Finishing

When homeowners rebuild or add on to their home, they may outsource the sheetrock hanging and finishing to a professional.


If you have an eye for detail, painting interior rooms or the outside siding of a house might be rewarding. Many people lack the patience to blend in their brush and roller markings appropriately.

Weeding and landscaping

Working people will gladly pay you to mow their lawn and beautify their property. For the spring and summer months, mowing and landscaping might be an excellent seasonal employment.

Driveways with Shovels

During the winter, shovelling your neighbours’ driveways and sidewalks might earn you even more money each hour.

Plow the snow

You may also get money plowing and salting roads and parking lots if you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle with a plow. Even when it snows, life must continue on, and you may help to ensure that this occurs.

Firewood Cutting and Delivery

Many individuals still use wood to heat their houses since they don’t have the time or means to harvest their own. If you have a steady supply of firewood, this might be an excellent deal.

Cutting Down Trees

If you know how to cut down trees, this might be a lucrative side business. You may sell the felled tree for firewood in addition to generating money by chopping down the tree. To get started, all you need is some expertise and a chainsaw. Perhaps some initiative as well.


Families preparing to relocate may want your assistance in packing their items.

A Mover

On moving day, more muscle is required to load and unload the U-Haul. Craigslist and TaskRabbit are two solid places to start. It may also be a fun weekend side venture.

Get Rid of Other People’s Junk

You can charge individuals to transport away their rubbish that the trash provider would not pick up if you have a vehicle or trailer. You might even be able to rescue and resell some of their possessions for a profit.

Cleaning Households

Working professionals will compensate you for cleaning their home or holiday retreat. Cleaning rental houses after renters leave or vacation rentals before the next guests come is another option.

Cleaning Windows

This is another another activity that individuals avoid since they don’t have the time or believe you can do it better.

Cleaning Pools

Cleaning and maintaining a pool is another chore that many homeowners would rather avoid. First, since pool cleaning takes time, and maintaining the proper water pH balance may be burdensome if not done on a regular basis.

Cleaning Offices and Businesses

After the personnel has gone home, many companies, medical offices, and industrial complexes have someone come in at night to clean the premises. Because to the night-time flexibility, this might be a fantastic second income.

Washing Cars

Is your automobile spotless on the inside and out? You may earn money by cleaning other people’s automobiles. All you’ll need are some basic auto cleaning and detailing materials that you already have on hand.

Install Flat-screen Televisions

Flat-screen televisions and home entertainment systems may be inexpensive to install and only take a few hours of your time. To start, you’ll need an additional hand to transport the television, but you’ll just need a few hand tools, a level, and a measuring tape.

Gather Scrap Metal

Collecting scrap metal for pay is another way to make some money while also helping to conserve the environment. Selling outdated appliances, grills, and other metal to scrap yards may earn you money. Where consumers don’t have the means to carry their old appliances away themselves, Craigslist may be a fantastic location to seek for free goods.

Repair Old Appliances

Aside from gathering scrap metal for income, several appliances are worth more if you can invest a few dollars and fix them. Because not everyone wants to buy a brand new appliance from Lowe’s every time, reconditioned appliances are in high demand.

Remove Garbage

One person’s garbage is another person’s gold. This is especially true in this case. You may keep the money flowing by cleaning up rubbish around business buildings if you don’t mind working for it.

One man began cleaning business parking lots and earned upwards of $100,000 a year simply by picking up rubbish.

1K Ideas for Money Making and Pay-off Debts in 2022

Make Money From Your Hobbies

It is also feasible to earn money by assisting people rather than performing manual labour. Plus, you’ll get compensated to perform something you already enjoy doing in your spare time. Driving for Uber or Lyft is become one of the most popular options. You may easily monetize your normal driving path.

While we used to think of hobbies as something we did for fun outside of work, we now have a lot of options for monetizing them while keeping them pleasurable. What better way to enjoy your pastime while also earning money?

Work as a Pet Sitter

Walking, playing, and caring for pets while their owners are at work or on vacation may be quite profitable. Pet sitting may bring in over six figures per year for professional pet sitters. Rover.com and other such websites can assist you in getting started.

Child Care/Baby Sitting

You may also earn money by babysitting children throughout the working day, on date nights, and on weekends. Although this is a competitive sector, becoming listed on sites like Care.com may help you increase your revenue and improve your reputation.

Coaching and Consulting

People who call themselves coaches and consultants have flooded the market. This makes it more difficult for people who know what they’re doing to get in, but sites like Clarity.fm can assist. You may apply to be a “expert” in a certain industry and earn money by assisting start-ups and entrepreneurs with their queries and problems. It’s a fantastic method to broaden your skill set and demonstrate your knowledge.

Working on Wood

Wall decorations, birdhouses, and wooden bowls are popular wooden handicrafts. These things may be sold at local craft fairs, on your personal website, and on other online retail platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

Fix Computers

Make some money by fixing computers for your friends and co-workers so they don’t have to buy new ones. Another alternative is to acquire cheap second-hand computers, fix them, and then resell them on Craigslist for a profit.

Join Notary Public

When you need documentation signed, a notary public is a familiar sight. This might be for a contract, a mortgage, a lease, or a variety of other purposes. One of the best options is to become a mobile notary public, which allows you to go about when people want your services. These have grown in popularity as a result of the fact that many people require a notary on weekends, when they are considerably harder to come by.

You’ll need to find out what the restrictions are from your state and local governments, but after you’ve become a notary, which is a low-barrier-to-entry profession, you may charge whatever you want for your services.

Make Handcrafted Items

Another approach to earn money is to produce and sell handicrafts on Etsy. Quilts, house decorations, jewelry, apparel, and vintage goods are all available for sale.

Amazon also provides a marketplace where you can sell your handcrafted items.

Decorating for Houses

Who said interior design had to be a full-time job? While having a design experience is advantageous, you may earn money by organizing house makeovers and assisting homeowners in selecting wall colours, décor, and sometimes even appliances.

Houses on the Stage for Sale

When a homeowner lists their property for sale, they may pay someone to stage furnishings to help the buyer see their own belongings in the space. If you have access to a variety of furnishings that can be moved from property to property as they sell, this might be an excellent alternative.

Work as a Uber Driver

Make money driving people about town for Uber or Lyft on your way to or from work, as well as throughout the nights and weekends. To begin ridesharing, you’ll need a four-door vehicle and a clean driving record.

Work as a Delivery Person

You may get paid to deliver prescription medicine for pharmacies, and some online merchants, such as Amazon and Boxed, are also offering same-day delivery in select locations and are looking for delivery drivers. Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and other similar services are terrific places to start.

Your Vehicle for Rent

You may also make money renting your car on Turo or HyreCar if you don’t have time to drive people around. Travelers choose this choice since it can be less expensive than renting a car from a rental car agency, and it may also provide a larger selection instead of being limited to what the rental car agency has in stock.

Hosting on Airbnb

You might also make some additional money by renting out a spare room on Airbnb or VRBO. It may also be a terrific way to meet new people from all around the world who are visiting!

Your Parking Space for Rent

There’s a new software HERE that’s gaining popularity in the United States that allows you to rent out your parking place. You make money by renting out your vacant parking space to others in your neighbourhood who are looking for a parking place. If you have a seat available, this might be a simple method to earn money.

Sports Game Referee

Refereeing local child sports games may be a pleasant way to earn money while concurrently watching live sports.

A Physical Fitness Course

At a neighbourhood gym, civic center, or church, you may also teach a physical exercise class. People like the challenge and social component of taking a fitness class, whether it’s Crossfit, yoga, or anything in between.

A Street Performer

You may make money performing music as a street musician or even as a member of a live band when you aren’t providing music classes.

DJ Special Occasions

You may work as a DJ for special events such as weddings and parties if you love crafting playlists and emceeing.

A Photographer

Special occasions, such as engagement photographs, weddings, family portraits, and pet portraits, can also be photographed. In addition shooting special events, you may make a modest profit by selling stock images online at sites like Shutterstock, where websites and bloggers pay to use your photos in their articles and posts.


When still photography isn’t adequate, a videographer records live video of events. Weddings, recitals, and corporate films are just a few examples of events you can capture.

A drone flyover is earning money for another filmmaker. Drone footage is popular among sellers and buyers who want to provide a bird’s eye perspective of a home or another real estate listing.


Catering special events such as weddings, parties, and fundraisers is another way to earn money. People frequently host get-togethers that involve a cooked meal.

Repairing Clothes

Expensive dresses, pants, and shirts may rip or require resizing before the owner may continue to wear them. Many individuals no longer fix their garments, so using your sewing talents at a tailor might be beneficial.

A Security Officer

Part-time security guards are hired by business parks, malls, and other places of business to keep an eye on the grounds. Most roles do not require a law enforcement background, and you may start working after attending a few seminars supplied by the security firm. This is an excellent resource for learning how to obtain the necessary training.

Raise Chickens and Eggs in the Garden

If you live in the country, you may have enough land to plant a garden or keep animals such as cattle or poultry. People like purchasing local fruit, meat, and eggs at their local farmer’s market. You may earn even more money by encouraging consumers to come tour your facility and see how clean and efficient it is.

Make sure you’re familiar with the regulations governing the sale of food to people in your area. Permits, insurance, and other items may be required.

1K Ideas for Money Making and Pay-off Debts in 2022

Shopping and Selling

Shopping and selling in-person and online are other viable options for making money. You’d be astonished at how much you can sell to people without even realizing it. Many people are decluttering their houses, offering their belongings online, and making money in a matter of hours.

If you enjoy shopping, you can not only earn money while doing so, but you can also earn money while buying for other people. When you make money while spending other people’s money that they requested you to spend, you’ll be the ideal retail entrepreneur!

What do you have in your own house?

Selling your own items on Craigslist, Amazon, eBay, or organizing a garage sale is a simple way to earn some additional cash. You’d be shocked how much money you can make in a weekend and how much cleaner your house will be in the process.

Garage Sale Finds to Resell

Visiting local garage sales and searching Craigslist’s free section might help you locate some real gems that you can resell for more money and pocket the profit. Some things may require minor repairs, but the effort will be well worth it.

Learn more how to make money by reselling items from flea markets.

Thrift Stores

You may get fantastic prices at your local thrift stores and clearance centers in addition to going to garage sales on weekends. These products can be sold on Craigslist or through online markets such as Amazon or eBay.

A Shopper’s Aide

People will pay you to do their shopping and conduct their errands for them. You could be hired to go grocery shopping, purchase Christmas gifts, or take their clothes to the dry cleaners. You don’t get paid to go shopping every day.

A Mystery Shopper

Companies that conduct mystery shop research will pay you to eat at restaurants, browse at stores, and even stay in hotels. All you have to do is examine the business and make sure no one knows you’re a mystery shopper. To avoid spam and fraud, make careful to choose reputable mystery shopping organizations. The MSPA connects you with eligible businesses.


Using a cash back gateway like Ebates is another simple method to generate money while shopping. Every online transaction might earn you anything from 1% to 40% back. Before you buy anything online, make sure you use a cash back site.

Using a Credit Card to Shop

When you buy with a rewards credit card, you may earn cash back or travel rewards points on every transaction. When you buy via a site like Ebates, you may earn additional benefits.

To take advantage of the benefits, you only need to understand how to use credit cards responsibly. This is not for debt-prone individuals.

Unused Gift Cards for Sales

Instead of letting gift cards accumulate dust, sell them on a gift card resale site like Raise and be compensated in cash.

Amazon is a great place to sell things

If you’ve ever bought on Amazon, you’ve probably noticed third-party listings that are potentially cheaper than purchasing straight from Amazon. You can make money selling anything on Amazon, including second-hand books, gadgets, and cosmetics.

When it comes to selling on Amazon, there are a few distinct possibilities. You may sell directly from your home and ship after the item is sold. You may also submit the items you wish to sell to a Fulfilled by Amazon warehouse, which will ship them after they sell.

On eBay, you may sell items

You may also sell on eBay to reach a wider audience online. If you wish to sell your things via auction or with a local pickup option for heavier items, you might choose eBay.

This is a step-by-step guide to getting started selling on Ebay.

Textbooks for Rent

Each semester in college, you may have sold your textbooks. You may now earn money by renting textbooks on the internet. This option appeals to students since it is less expensive than purchasing a secondhand textbook. Your earning potential as a textbook owner can be increased if you can rent the same book out for many semesters.

Textbooks for Sale

Instead of returning your textbooks to the store where you purchased them, why not sell them to someone who would most likely pay more? Book buyback schemes are well-known for their low prices. In comparison to what you spent for the book, they don’t pay nearly enough for it.

You may put your books on Craigslist for free to see if anyone is interested. You may also create a forum for your school and post them there. All are good options.

Walking a Gig

GigWalk has devised a unique method to make additional money doing activities you already like. This software allows you to accept “gigs” from companies who want you to buy something, test something in the shop, or take photos of anything. They express their needs/wishes, and you get to decide whether or not you want to help them.

It’s a simple way to earn money on your way home or while you’re already out shopping.


Bottom line

There are many methods for improving your income. It’s all about having the right skills and the ability to make something happen. Many people are just starting out in their careers, while others are already established and have the skills to boost their income by leaps and bounds.

Finding a way to make money while doing what you love could be a win-win scenario for you and the people you work with. Whether you choose to work at home, in another location, or with a co-worker, these options are viable alternatives to traditional employment.


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